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Need a contract or legal form for your small business?
For the most complete, comprehensive collection of business agreements and legal forms anywhere.

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Not sure whether your business should be a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC) or corporation?

Download Demystifying the Business Organization

Thinking about buying a franchise, but not sure how the process works or what questions you need to ask before you plunk down the upfront franchise fee?

Download 10 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying a Franchise

Someone owes you money, they aren’t paying up, and you’re thinking about suing them in small claims court?

Download Surviving Small Claims Court

Looking for the best small business legal and tax advice videos on the Web?

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The complete guide to raising money for your growing business on crowdfunding portals.

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The first book to provide struggling entrepreneurs with successful and affordable strategies for coping with – and conquering – small business predators!


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Thinking about selling professionally on eBay?


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The best – and ONLY – comprehensive guide to the legal and tax rules that apply when you’re selling on eBay, the world’s leading auction marketplace.



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